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Please someone help with the skeletal joints for this Superintendent Chalmers .p3d

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As you see I have a way better Superintendent Chalmers .obj than the one in Steamed Hams, no offence. Except I don't know how to add the skeleton joints properly. I tried in Blender with the armature thing but it's way too complicated for me. See this video to see what I mean:

And here's the link to the .lmlm file for it:

I made it decompilable, and once you've done that you'll see how I added him to the level (level 1's "level.p3d" art file and level 1's "leveli.mfk" file.) Obviously the "chalme_m.p3d" file is there too, please could someone go into there and fix it by exporting the .obj and .p3dxml files and then uploading the fixed ones


P.S. if you're wondering where I got this model of Chalmers from, it's from but then I made his skin a better colour yellow