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Download Link for Mod?

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Hey guys is there a way for me to make a download link for a mod?
I'm assuming this is what you're looking for: simply add [url=https://...]Link Description Goes Here[/url] somewhere in your thread.
Replace "https://..." with a link to your download & then just change the description to whatever you want to be displayed.
As a piece of advice, only if you want to make it more interesting: create a .png of the vehicle and locate it in a photo editor and put a text that says "download", that the photo has a transparent background, you understand? it looks better that way; You upload it to a page like ImgBB or one you know to upload images for forums.
And to upload links, I really recommend uploading it to Discord and then copying the download link, because in Discord the files are downloaded automatically when entering the link.

So bassically I have to put the image to replace the "https://" for the image for the download link?
Pro-tip: Hover over a post and click "Template" to view the source of a post that you want to copy off of