Tutorial: Change newspapers on loading screens

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Good morning, I'm ToMaTeh. Today I want to talk about a very simple change that maybe some wanted to make in their mods. The newspapers.

In the loading screens, depending on the level, different newspapers are shown as the story progresses, showing relatively important things, bringing out the first newspaper that shows Homer vomiting from a hot dog, and precisely THAT is the file that We will change today.
The files can be found in the folder: art\frontend\dynaload\images. There are also the files with the graphic indications of the different missions, the icons of the locations or characters, etc., many things are there but we will only take the file "loading1.p3d" (it is the newspaper of the loading screen at the beginning of everything)

Spoiler: FILE

We open it with Lucas' Pure3D Editor and export the sprite.


Well, obviously I'm not going to leave everything perfect because it's a tutorial, but you can modify the newspaper to your liking, I'll just make drawings and import them into our mod. :)
I don't know if it's necessary to say because anyone would know, but once you find the mentioned file, create the folders in the path mentioned at the beginning of the tutorial in CustomFiles, then leave the path: CustomFiles\art\frontend\dynaload\images\loading, inside the loading folder we paste the file.

Spoiler: that's how I stay

Once we have our 50 cent Springfield Shopper modified and finished, we import it into loading1.p3d of your mod folder.
And to enjoy.

Spoiler: result
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