Why does almost no one want to play multiplayer?

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Maxez, why does almost no one want to play multiplayer?
Because people aren't interested in playing it. If you were to read any of the replies I've given you, it would've been more clear.

You will connect to my server? I have a mod multiplayer.

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Hi there, welcome to our forum.
Sadly, multiplayer isn't very active on it's own, and asking people on the forum to play is also not very effective.
Most of the times (when wanting to play multiplayer), people ask each other in our Discord Server and set up a meeting there.
If you would like to have a faster conversation, I suggest you join in there & ping the multiplayer role. Have a good day!

Hi there, I would like to ask you to not spam the forum with so many threads about multiplayer.
I already gave you an answer to your question on another thread.
Please, make sure to read that and don't bump anymore old threads. You have all the required information to set up a multiplayer meeting in my answer, I am going to lock this thread & the others.


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play multiplayer maz
Based on what Maz stated earlier, it'd be better to use the Discord server for this sort of thing.