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rigging my first character

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I guess if I were to flair this, it would be: This one here Help needed and Discussion. I have Homer character and his skeleton extracted. I have tried every which way of getting the skeleton and homer together and moving, how do you guys make it so easy?
Here's a link to a tutorial on Custom Characters:

Hey, the Butter Apple, the tutorial was great to watch, learned a lot from the video. After watching, I saw that you also had a series to go along with it, so here is what I am asking. I did everything in the video, and now my character, from using the animation converter, is a bit buggy from homer's hair to his feet sticking to the origin line when walking. Can I send you my blender file, for you to look at and see what I have right and wrong. If you want to critique it, go right ahead. I am only just a noob doing this anyway.