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Homer & Marge - Spicy Duo

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Hello everyone!

Inflation has affected many people, even the Simpsons. Homer had to change career path in need to call for desperate measures. Marge on the other hand, needs to watch over Homer to make sure he does not mess up.

The mod includes two new outfits for Homer and Marge:
  • Homer - Hooker
  • Marge - Pimp

Outfits can be found in Level 1 and Level 4 and can be used to spice up your gameplay!

Happy modding!
This is most cursed thing I've ever seen. And I love it!
The quoted post is unavailable.

It's blessed! Lol
Does this work in unison with other full mods, such as Donut Mod or Mod Of Stupidity, or any other full mod like that?
The quoted post is unavailable.

It did not, however edited the mod so it should be compatible with most mods that have Homer in L1 and Marge in L4.

Edit: now you can complete DM4 L1 as a Homer Hooker, lol.
Wow! From the title, I went into this expecting something NSFW, but it's actually safe enough for me. Nice outfits, Yzma! :)
I can't believe Homer is sexy without being paranoid