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Scanning "World of Springfield" minifigures onto "Microsoft 3D Builder" then possibly adding them to the game

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I have many of the world of springfield figures that aren't on this game...Database, Wendell and Martin to name a few

But I don't have the Kinect yet, when I do, would it work if someone can program in the skeleton rig?
There is no way to make a custom character with skeletal rigging at this time.
I am no modder so I have absolutely NO idea how this works so don't go nuts at me people okay.

Why wouldn't it work though? If you scan a 3D character, and replace, say, Homer with it (assuming it's level 1), wouldn't it work? I mean I don't know s*** about modding like I said so... Cause I'd love to see Lionel Hutz in the game, running around as him. And for sound files you could just use old episodes.
Because of what I just said.
Make them the same way the devs did, by hand.

"Because of what I just said." - made me laugh.
I'm taking it devs means developers. How did they create the characters from scratch and then add them to the game? If they did that back in 2003 then I don't see why we can't do it now with the countless new softwares or whatever that we didn't have back then.
It's not technically impossible. Just Pure3D Editor only supports .obj which does not support Skeletal rigging.
Well, I edited the joints of Principal Skinner...the skeleton worked fine. I think we could just copy and paste models of other characters using Skinner's skeleton as the base?

No, you can't. You cannot import a rigged model into Pure3D Editor as it does not support any model format that supports rigging at this time, as I've said above two times.

If you import any model over a character the skeletal rigging of the model will be lost and you'll get something that's basically as good as marble statue sliding around. At this point editing the skeleton chunk wouldn't do anything to the mesh since the mesh is not rigged anymore.