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Putting the game in my native language

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Hi! I got the game but it's in English and I want it in my native language. I managed to find a dialog.rcf in French but all the text are still in English.

I found on the forum people wanting to put the game in English, and solutions were always commandline arguments with "-language 0"
I tried many numbers, but every one of them still open the game in English.

Thanks for the help ♥
Hi Synaelle,

The game released in 4 languages: English; French; German; and Spanish. The vast majority of the game files are the same between releases, but you need to have the following 3 files that are specific to the language you use:
  • "\art\frontend\scrooby\resource\txtbible\srr2.p3d" - This is the file that contains all text in the game. It's possible to get one file that supports all languages.
  • "\simpsons.exe" - The main executable is hard coded as to which language it uses.
  • "\dialog.rcf", "\dialogf.rcf", "\dialogg.rcf" and "\dialogs.rcf" - Each one contains the dialog for a specific language (dialog is English, dialogf is French, dialogg is German and dialogs is Spanish.

Whilst we don't support piracy at Donut Team, you have a copy of the game and I don't mind helping you get the required files to change your language. If you join our Discord Server, I can share the files.