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Doesnt let me launch the game

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Hello, i tried to play the game but when i launch the launcher, it leads me to my documents and theres no files where the simpsons game is found. It tells me that Simpsons.exe isnt found. I dont know if i forgot to download anything else, but i looked throught the tutorial and i dont think i missed anything.

Pease help!

Hello there, welcome!

Do you have the game?
If so, then depending on your system, your game might be at a custom path, or one of the following:
- C:\Program Files\Vivendi Universal Games\The Simpsons Hit & Run (32 bit system)
- C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivendi Universal Games\The Simpsons Hit & Run (64 bit system)
Make sure to set up your launcher to find the correct path, more details here.

If you don't have the game, then buy it from Amazon.