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Is there any way to fix the file 'sound\scripts\car_tune.spt?

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so yeah, i want to add multiple car mods into my modpack and i cannot because of that error, is there any way? i would like to have a lil tutorial on how to do it!
Hi there, welcome!
You could either decompile the mods (if decompilable) & merge their files into a single one, or set up the following Command Line Argument in your mod launcher's directory;
yea, u have said what i should do but i cannot find the command line argument. :(
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Hi, sorry to get back to you late.
You can simply click "Ok" to ignore that error & proceed to launch the game. In most cases, it should allow both mods to run at the same time.
It only shows button ,,Yes'' and ,,No'' .
"No" is your option then.