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2D Remake of the Simpsons hit and run V0.02

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I spent four days making this 2D remix of the Simpsons hit and run, since it is still in a pre alpha stage.

Here is the download
Instructions for intall and use:

To install, open the link above, then install the file from mega, then open the file and find the html file named index (becuase the game is in a html5 format). This will open a brower page which my game will automatically load.

To play, use W and S to accelerate and deccelerate, use right A and D to change lanes. That;s it!
I'd downvote this if I could for the following reasons:
  1. You provided no set up instructions
  2. You provided no screenshots
  3. I have to host this on either localhost or a server to use it.
thanks for poiting that out, I will fix that when i have some time
Your instructions are false. When you open index.html this is the error you get:

You need to put this on a local or remote server. You'd be better off hosting this and linking it out to people instead of a download.