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Simpsons Hit and Run Media Error

Posted in Donut Mod
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I really enjoyed Donut Mod 3 and all the other mods on here.

Every time I have tried to launch donut mod 4 with the mod launcher, it fails to load every time (screenshots above).

All editions of donut mod work with my version of SHaR.

I have tried installing previous versions of donut mod 4 but none of them work.

I have supplied screenshots with the version verifier also.

Hello there!
From the install verifier log, it appears that your copy of the game has a bunch of missing files and a bunch of mismatches. It also looks like you're using a "preinstalled" crack, which I would not recommend.
Best thing you could do would be to reinstall the game properly.

I hope this helps!
Good afternoon, thanks for getting back to me.

All of the other donut mod varients such as donut mod 3 and 2 work perfectly.

How would i go about getting the game installed properly, i can only seem to find cracks for SHaR
Getting it from Amazon would be your best luck.
Do you have Discord? I can help you if you want
I do have discord. My username is CBK_TeeJay #4592.