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Coconut Mall, Mario kart map mod - v1.0

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Coconut Mall map mod from Mario kart wii. Created using Weasels Map Data Editor.
Contains 2 races (one is a forced kart race) and a time trial. I've also created a pit lane area with multiple car spawn locations, which makes things better for multiplayer.
I've customised the HUD to make it look like mario kart, while also keeping some hit and run charm to it.

I did port the Mario kart 8 deluxe version over but felt like the wii version looked better with the shar engine.

The map and music are all owned by Nintendo.

Thanks Nightbane, yes i did forget to require unlock all missions and vehicles. oops. all fixed now!

Spoiler: More Screenshots

Spoiler: Youtube video

Download [v1.0]

Wow, Awesome work!! This is a great circuit from Mario Kart WII!

The best is the best 😀
Nice mod! The best thing is that it adapts to the style of Mario Kart Wii for SHAR, not only the map itself, even the radar, the designs that are seen on the screen, etc. 😮
I love the mod, keep it up! 😉
Looks awesome! I'm gonna try this out today :D
Why do you keep posting good mods?
Hey Tay can I use the coconut mall music for my mod?
Oooh. Gonna try this now!
I'm really impressed with this masterpiece of a recreation!