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when finishing L2M7 donuts credit screen come up

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when finishing L2M7, donut credit screen come up and if i try to continue it restarts the story in L1M1, then i paused it and picked "select missions" in menu and there is no L3 missions, then i checked if the game files are alright and every thing is there. what should i do?
Hey there, mostafa! I apologize for getting back to you so late. I assume you're referring to Donut Mod 4?

The simple answer is that there's nothing wrong with your installation of the game. This was an intentional design choice, as the rest of the Levels have not yet been edited. As such, m8sdi was modified to call SetGameOver(); and prevent the player from accessing the other Levels, as there was no new additional content past Level 2 in that build.

There are ways to bypass this, however. I should also note that a previous release of Donut Mod has a (fairly less polished) edit of Level 3 if you still want to play modified missions like it. If you're (understandably!) not interested in going through the game again, you can use Debug Test to force the game to start on Level 3 and play the missions that way:

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and I'll try to assist! Again, apologies for the poor response time.

(I'm also going to move the thread so it's a bit more appropriately tagged.)