Winter Texture

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Since the kyle isnt in the team anymore will be there winter Mod for levels 3 4 5 6 & 7?
I liked these textures.
Also why can i choose The Newsroom?
I choosed to see if that works
Wait what? He left? When?
Quitly A while like 2months ago i remember him pming me at skype that he quits a story etc unfortuntly i dont have the the message anymore
and he also deleted every one from skype.
I don't know where you read he left, I don't remember us ever announcing it publicly. We may have on Twitter but I don't recall. Apparently we did announce it, though it was more of a general thing.

Kyle left a few months ago, but we will be continuing to update his Winter theme. If he decides to read any of this, he can message us and he can finish it if he would like to. If he doesn't, @cornholio309 will finish the mod.

Also thanks for showing that you can still post to the newsroom, obviously our last update didn't work. Will look into it. But please don't add all the redundant space you did.
Edit: The last update wasn't applied properly, it has been fixed and you should no longer have access to posting to that board.
 Any time. And sorry i didnt notice that i used all the space.