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Moedown - A SHAR Taskmaster Submission

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What is SHAR Taskmaster?

SHAR Taskmaster is very much like regular Taskmaster. It is a gameshow where each week, five contestants are given a task and their attempts are judged by the Taskmaster. For week 5 of this year's SHAR Taskmaster, the task was as follows:

"Write a new mission for SHAR as if Moe was the character you play as in level 5. Best new mission wins."

What is Moedown?

Moedown is the mission I designed for week 5's task. The task did not require that the mission actually be made, only designed. We were given the option to give a presentation explaining what the mission would be like, but I decided to just go ahead and make it playable ingame. This mod contains that mission.

Known Issues

Given that we only had a week to complete the task, I was a bit lazy in implementing the mission. I decompiled the mod "Moe the Vigilante" by Duffhause to quickly get Moe as the playable character in Level 5. Duffhause's implementation of this means that the vanilla missions in Level 5 will crash the game if you start them. As such, with this mod enabled, only the first mission in Level 5 is actually playable, as that is the mission that I replaced with Moedown.

The custom FMV gets cut off at the top and bottom at widescreen resolutions.


EllieEmporium - Voice actress for Rachel Riley
Duffhause - Moe the Vigilante (Moe playable character)
KthRam and Proddy - Rewards Randomizer (Fat Tony character model)

Download Here!
So this mod is basically a completion?