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Running into assertion errors in the Phonebooth when adding too many vehicles

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I realize there is a limit of 60 car health values to the save file. This error is happening as soon as I add the 61st car, which is expected. Using the Custom Shop Support hack should circumvent this I assume, however, I am struggling to get this to work. I can add the vehicles to a Phonebooth, but I am still getting the assertion error. I also know that Phonebooths have a limit of 64 cars. Is there any known way to get more than that in a single Phonebooth?

My mod is meant to be a revival of AGuyNamedSteve's Phone Booth Plus. Making every vehicle except the Audi TT & Husk available in the Phonebooth & Bonus Game, something I've desired since 2003! My mod itself works fine, just getting past the aforementioned limit is quite headache inducing, making me realize why this mod never saw a revival by anybody else.

Is it even technically doable to get all the vehicles appear in a single Phonebooth and in the Bonus Game, just like the vanilla game did, except all vehicles instead of only 42? I feel like it would be easy as pie if the Maximum Car Health Values in Save Data would be increased past 60, but that seems to be the only limit that the Increased Reward Limits hack authors did not manage to raise.

P.S. - For some reason, the Bonus Game is now crashing, despite me never having added minigame.p3d to my mod YET, I tested it in a separate version of the mod just to see if it works, it does, but now I am doing my main version of the mod which hasn't touched the Bonus Game YET, and it's crashing?
Hi there, adding cars to bonus game has everything to do with modifying minigame.p3d.
Check out the 4th step in this tutorial for a proper explanation on how to make that work.
I hope this helps!
No no, I meant that I didn't edit minigame.p3d YET. I already edited it before and adding vehicles to the Bonus Game via your tutorial works flawlessly. I meant that in my current attempt at the mod, which I started from zero, the Bonus Game is crashing despite having not yet modified minigame.p3d. I mean it's crashing even though I didn't edit it yet. If I run the game without my mod, the Bonus Game works, even though my current attempt at the mod hasn't edited the Bonus Game yet.

Since I know that editing the Bonus Game works, I am trying to add the cars to the Phonebooth first, then at the end add them all to the Bonus Game, makes it less frustrating this way if I have to restart. I haven't gotten to it yet in my current attempt.

Sorry, explaining things was never my strong suit.