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H&R meter question

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Where is the programming for whether hitting/destroying something does or doesn't make the H&R meter bigger?

For example there's 3 instances where hitting/destroying something doesn't make the H&R meter bigger

1) The Krusty Glass whether you're inside a mission or not
2) When you're inside missions you're supposed to hit things out of a vehicle (L1M6, L3M3, L4M1, L5M3, L6M4)
3) When you're inside missions you're supposed to destroy a vehicle (L1M3, L2M7, L3M4, L3M7, L4M7, L5M6, L5M7, L5BM, L6M5, L6BM)
I don't think it automatically disables in destroy tasks (maybe in destroy + collect dropped item tasks), but nonetheless all of that is executable hardcode (with no Lucas hacks for mods to use as a method of overriding this).

There is an exception, the meter can be forced to 0 for the duration of an entire task in a mission (this is via a stage-based command in the mission script, DisableHitAndRun), however this also disables getting Coins for destroying props and will stop functioning if the player enters an interior space. The only vanilla game missions with tasks that use this are L3 M5 alongside all Street Races.