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Audacity is great but I think an update to Lucas' RSD Converter would be even better

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Oops...scratch that bit about the Bits Per doesn't always import as 16-Bit, I realized from exporting from Audacity it was a "Signed 16-bit PCM". But on the bright side that just adds more use to the converter if it's not 16-bit
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On the topic of not detecting the WAV file as being 16-bit,mine doesn't detect it at all.The sample rate could be 24000hz,it could use a mono channel,but it always gives me an"Unrecognised signature"error,any idea why?
Don't use RSDs. They're outdated, bulky and bad for modding. You should be using OGG or FLAC support unless you're modding console versions.

Additionally, some RSD files are supposed to be stereo whereas some are mono.
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What program/software are you using?
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It worked!

On that note, I'm curious to know how do you admins know all the codes for all these "RequiredHacks"? If it's from C++ I've never seen it anywhere else

Or is that coding exclusive to all these programs by Lucas, thus you made it in the first place?
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All the hacks are in fact made by Lucas.
The pages Jake sent you are documentation for these hacks, if you're interested to check out more, here's the page that lists everything.
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Ah, thanks