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Alien "Auto"topsy I: Unused Alien Car Appearance and Homer Dialog RE-ENABLED!

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When i founded this when 2023 started, this before don't catch my atention.
Now, I modified this mission adding back the Alien Car + a unused objective like Alien "Auto"topsy II, but im using only the original L7 map and not another map that adds Rich Side and Power Plant interior (with a custom icon for this new objective).
And yes, like Halloween Nightmares, the unused dialog can be listened in English, Spanish, French and Germany :)

Where I can download this mod? Here!

Another mods:
SHAR Halloween Nightmares

Note from the developer: This took me 2 hours to make this mod, first adding the "losetail" objective and driving into the power plant, after this I made a custom icon for the unused objective "Drive Through the Power Plant Entrance" and this is the result:
One of the fastest mods that I made lol

never i noticed that the alien car races you before the nuclear waste appears lmao, sorry
in a new update for SHAR: Halloween Nightmares i can add the race based from the PR Asset Discs