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Cant leave level 1

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Running the game through Lucas mod launcher. Had fun figuring out the settings and getting the game up and running but I figured it out. After beating the first set of missions on level one I got the message from the donut mod telling me that I can come back with the level/ mission selector but then it just takes me back to where I left off and I'm stuck running through the first level. I disabled the donut mod in the Lucas launcher and it lets me play through the first level and then begin the next level as Bart with no problems (the same message about being able to come back through the level selector pops up just without the project donut border). I've retried starting the donut mod in the mod launcher and going to level select but it will only show me the first level and that all the missions are checked off for me completing them, but no way to select level 2. Get out of the game and disable the donut mod and then I can switch between level 1 or 2 and what mission I want to start with. My donut mod is the anniversary edition V 1.02 and the Lucas launcher is V 1.26.1
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10 mos ago (Statistics)
Did you find a fix for this? Ive tried to use a different install but same deal. The only other thing that is wacky is my cards are misplaced all over the place. Probably unrelated. I have the green status check on all missions for the first level but cant leave.
Hello there, and apologies to both of you for the late reply! Welcome to the forums!

Assuming you're also using Project Donut: Anniversary Edition, this is actually completely normal behavior and nothing is wrong with your copies of the game (or your Launcher setup). This version of Donut Mod only has one Level modified and was created as a homage to the first release of the mod. As a result, the amount of available Levels has been modified so the game ends there instead of continuing. If the mod's Level count was left unmodified and the game's credits weren't called, then the remaining Levels would be completely unmodified with no new content for the player to explore. It was an intentional choice to end the game there as a result.

There are earlier revisions of Donut Mod that offer more Levels for the player to explore. Donut Mod 4 lets the player play up until Level 2 with some slight map modifications and similar modified rewards to that of Project Donut. Donut Mod 3 doesn't have any lovely fancy map edits, but it lets you play up until Level 3 with some modified missions and rewards. None of the currently available releases let you play past that, and you would instead have to switch to a non-modded version of the game to play those Levels.

I apologize for the initial confusion (as these releases are difficult to understand as a newcomer). Are you interested in a 'general improvement/tweaks' mod that would let you play through all 7 Levels? I can recommend a few if you're interested in such a thing.