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Strange FPS Drops/Stutters

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Hi Everyone,
So recently I have decided to update my rig to a 7900XT and a 5800X3D as I play a lot of modern games. I decided to return to SHAR to krump with Marge and I get these weird stutters and FPS drops when roaming the level. At first I thought it was shader compilation stutter but the stutters never go away and happen in the same places, so if anyone knows any solutions to help in my quest for krumpness I would really appreciate it.

Example of FPS Drops/Stutters:

Good news: SHAR does not have any shaders to compile, so that won't be the problem (SHAR is very old)

More seriously though, a quick look at the locations they look to be the point where the regions are changed (SHAR only loads a few regions of the map at once). If SHAR is on an SSD already it might just be unavoidable stutter from the way SHAR loads, unfortunately

Are you using Lucas' Mod Launcher, and the Frame Limiter? If so which settings are you using for the Frame Limiter?
Hi EnAppelsin,
Yeah it's on an M.2 SSD and I tried moving it to another M.2, I have and the same results occur, I do use Lucas' Mod Launcher and I've tried the included frame limiter (all methods), Radeon Chill and RTSS with the same results. Weirdly I tried D8VK not too long ago and a lot of those stutters were gone except for one when your jump the broken bridge.