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a crazy day mod

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hi there im releasing a beta of my mod a crazy day the history of this mod is that homer has to escape from marge because he dont wants to do chores so he drives away and goes to the kwik e mart to race a character and to do that he needs a faster car.(btw i recommend do the race with the car you can buy it from barney)
some screenshots:
link to the download:
Apologies, but are you able to share some screenshots of the modified missions in action using an image hosting website such as Imgur? I think it'd spiffy up the initial forum post here and would entice others to check out the mod.

You can also embed the URL link to your mod by using the '[url]' tags! It makes it a bit easier for others to quickly check out the mod without having to copy the URL into their browsers.
The quoted post is unavailable.

sure i did that 1 hour ago but thanks
Hi where do i collect lisa's project i cant find it anywhere