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2 Separate games in 1 connected story.

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Ladies and gentlemen of the community. In case you saw the profile pic, you are most likely noted to what the mod maybe about. But what you may not know is that if you see the title. You might be noted that this mod that I am making as a future project is actually 2 games in One mod like connected story. And as an independent gamer of the 2000s to this very day and moment in time. And thankfully according to the powers within the mod guides within the time and effort. What you might see before you will be 2 games that are modded. But had a story connection.

Mod number 1: Will most likely take place from the…shall we say…Downly graded but interestingly fun game Family Guy Back to the multiverse video game. Only this time the cutscenes are completely redone to connect to story to the Hit and run mod that I am hopefully working on. But the gameplay and the rest might be just about as same as the consoles since there isn’t a way to mod the game with its technical and biological coding and about. But luckily thanks to the powers of Rad tools program, I’m able to make the cutscenes different and have it connected to the hit and run mod soon to be had. And speaking of that.

Mod number 2: will be the continuing story of what happens. Within the Simpsons world which is most likely the same gameplay’s. But hopefully that there will be possibility’s that a change of voice files, cars, and cutscenes n models will be in the works as soon as the first mod will be done since this is a work in progress…and this might be and could get difficult compared to the first, cus the game Hit and run was released in 2003 before the PC arrived and made it extremely worth while thanks to this modding community.

In other words this might be a big project for a mod like this so hopefully this will work out as soon as possible…and if I’m being honest…..I’m really hoping for some support and tips for the hit and run mod when I get through with the BTTM cutscenes mod. Now the story itself maybe a bit long but bare with me on how it’ll turn out once it’s finished and to soon be uploaded to the zip file in Archive as soon as possible when mod 1 is finnsiehd. So…..wish me luck👍🏻
Hi there!
I'm happy to see you're going to start & work on your own mod (I wish you luck!).
I'd like to let you know that I have moved your thread to the appropriate board from The Simpsons: Hit & Run to SHAR: Mod Showcase.
Thanks ^^

Also thanks for the help. Because I am a bit new to posting threads since I’m still new to the place.