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CommandLine.txt Doesn´t work

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I have a big problem, I´m trying to use two mods that modify the same file, that is not possible without the -allowignoremodconflicts command.My problem is that the command doesn´t work, Can someone help me???
CommandLine.txt goes next to your mod launcher.

When enabling conflicting mods, you'll see this message:

Click "No"

If they're both main mods, you'll then get this message:

Click "No"

Then you'll get all the conflicts:

Click "No"

Then you'll likely get a message like this:

Click "OK"

Then you'll likely crash in some spectacular way:

Click "OK" and close the game because they can't be played together.
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soo, there´s not a solution??
my launcher pops this, there´s not at least a manually way to make the two work??
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what happened? why did you delete that post??
Hi there, you were told in a previous post how to bypass/ignore that error.
I'd like to ask you not create multiple threads on the matter & just keep it in there. If you need any further assistance on this matter, please refer to my last reply in that thread.
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Ok, sorry