Ned Flanders Adventures

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Ned Flanders goes on an adventure in Level 1, and things just... happen! Notably, Todd does not want any damn vegetables. Very rude.

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This mod is unfinished, and being released here in "test/beta" state for the sake of fun and recollection. I do not intend to work on it any further, though anyone else can if interested. Bug/issue reports are likely already known and probably will not be addressed by me, though the build is stable, as far as I know.

The build of the mod being released here has had some clean-up tweaks made to it, but otherwise resembles compiled build 2 of the mod, sent to friends for testing around the time of creation in mid February 2022. Many tweaks and designs were later slowly made over time to improve upon the mod, however those builds have all been lost in a hard disk failure this year, and I do not wish to work on the mod more.

Originally, the mod was only made jovially and to have fun/learn with, within a few days.
  • Use of dialogue and clips from the television series.
  • Level 1 map, playing as Ned Flanders.
  • 1 Tutorial mission.
  • 5 Story missions.
  • 7 Card locations (the content remains vanilla, though).
  • 7 Gags.
  • 1 Costume.
  • 2 new Vehicles - 1 is the level default (Ned's Geo), and the other is more secret...
  • Requires launcher version 1.25 or higher.
  • Is decompilable.
  • Content can be reused; if you wish to reuse something credited to someone else, you should ask them, unless they have made the resource available.
t002 (14th November 2023)
  • Initial release.


Ned Flanders Adventures (t002) [60 MB / LMLM via]

Mission 5 music goes hard
I'll find this mod very flanders-tizing
Thanks, Addyroonie, for this cool diddly-diddlyish mod!)