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Pickup Truck Adjustments

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Allows you to make various "interesting" adjustments to Cletus' "Pickup Truck" vehicle through the mod's settings. None are enabled by default. Inspired by a friend's recent words.

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  • Fast: If enabled, doubles the acceleration and speed of the vehicle.
  • Invincible: If enabled, makes it impossible (or at least very difficult and/or specific) to destroy the vehicle.
  • Ghost: If enabled, allows the vehicle to pass through most solids and makes the vehicle very strong.
  • Error: If enabled, disables texturing on the vehicle, and uses the default pink colour instead.
  • Duplicator: If enabled, allows the vehicle to host many duplicate Cletus instances, when he's allowed to spawn as the regular driver.
  • Requires launcher version 1.20 or higher.
  • Compatible with the Demo game release
  • Is decompilable.
  • Content can be reused; if you wish to reuse something credited to someone else, you should ask them, unless they have made the resource available.
1.0 (25th November 2023)
  • Initial release.


Pickup Truck Adjustments (r1.0) [290 KB / LMLM via]

I see this as a win!
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