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The Cletus who saved Christmas, a 5 story mission mod - Release v1.0

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Happy holidays!

  • 5 main story missions
  • Boss fight for the last mission against lardlad (see screenshots and video)
  • A good laugh seeing Lard Lad run about and it looks pretty good! A fun gimmick.
  • Audio clips from the show used as dialog
  • Brandine!

Cletus goes around doing typical cletus things. I've used clips from the show as dialog so it flows pretty nicely. Eventually Cletus finds something off. He helps Wiggum save the children before Lard Lad is awoken. In this mission, you have to dodge him, his lasers and with the help of homer, attack and destroy him. There's 2 very scuffed cutscenes and 1 that is from the simpsons game. The tunes are pretty decent and christmasy. All credits are in the mod's description, credits and youtube video description.

I have fixed the crashes occurring within the mod. You should be able to play through all 5 missions without a problem! Some things can be tweaked and improved but I'm exhausted. It's time for me to take more of a break from modding and enjoy christmas with the family.

I hope you all can enjoy the mod. Merry Christmas and a Happy new year


Spoiler: Youtube video

Spoiler: Screenshots

Spoiler: Music credits
WaxTerK -
For the song 'Christmas cat' used in mission 1 - CC BY-SA 3.0

NitroOrient -
For the song 'Christmas Party' used in mission 2 - CC BY 3.0 Deed

Shane Ivers -
For the song 'Christmas Spirit' used in mission 3 - CC BY 4.0

Loyalty Freak Music -
For the song 'Destroy Capitalism For Christmas' used in mission 4 - CC0 1.0

Alex-Productions -
For the song 'Winter' used for the credits - CC BY 3.0