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New laptop new peoblems

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I got a new laptop for christmas, thing is: it runs windows 11 and windows 11 doesn't work with the mod launcher. This stupid operating system is frustrating to me for a boatload of reasons and I was seriously considering putting linux on it because I keep getting a "Please insert disc" message even with the game installed on my SSD and the iso image mounted in my virtual drive. Would installing linux help with this or is SHAR & lucas launcher incompatible with Linux?
I think this might be a known issue we intend to address but I'd have to talk to Lucas to double check.

If you do decide to go with Linux, though, then you can run the Mod Launcher and the game quite easily with Wine or Proton.
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It isn't natively compiled for Linux, but there are ways to run it through Wine.

I recommend getting a no-CD crack and trying that. That's how the majority of the community runs the game because running it with a mounted disc or CD isn't feasible.

When are you getting the 'Please insert disc' message though? If possible, screenshots might help here.
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Look, here's the launcher
And here's what it does every time I try to launch the game
I might be doing something wrong here, but I get the feeling that whatever issue it is, would've been a non issue on my previous windows 10 machine
Can you please share a screenshot of the game's folder? Where the "Simpsons.exe" is located.

Edit: You can click "Open..." then "Game Install" on the bottom left of the Mod Launcher window to get there easily.
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It's in Vivendi Universal Software, I thought it'd be nice and decluttered putting the mods where the actual game is supposed to be, since mods basically are fanmade game assets
Are you using a cracked executable? If not, you can try replacing your "Simpsons.exe" with this file and seeing if it resolves the issue for you:

Extract the zip file, move your copy of "Simpsons.exe" somewhere safe and put this new one in place of it. Then try launching.
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Well, it worked!

You no longer need to have the DVD mounted to play the game then. It'll just work as normal.