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xml files fail to import

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i am using blender 2.80, i installed the import plugin via the zip file itself like i am supposed to.
i exported the xml file of homer from the game into the xml format then tried to import into blender but it just fails to import every time i try!

i even tried using 1.1.2 with blender 2.77 and even 2.79 and that also doesn't work!
even 1.1.1 doesn't work!

is there something i am missing or messing up!?
use a blender 2.93 its going to as newer version of blender my friend.
that didn't work either.

is the pure3d editor somehow messing up the xml files?
because i still cant import the files into blender.
Can you attach your P3DXML file so I can have someone take a look at it?
how do i do that?
how do i do that?

Upload the file.
On Google Drive or, or wherever you're comfortable.
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