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Stuck staring at Marge

Posted in Donut Mod
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Hey everyone, first time posting.

I just started playing with the Donut Anniversary version. I just finished the tutorial level, in the 1st world as Homer. When I go to Marge to start the first mission to race Skinner to the Elementary School, Marge just stands there and does not start her voice line. Anyone have an idea on what to do?

EDIT: Tried to start the side mission with Cletus, and I have the same result. Seems like scripts are broken. Project Donut is the only mod I have activated.

EDIT 2: I was wearing the Pin Pals outfit. Went back to vanilla Homer and it's working fine now.
Appears this slipped by for sometime, I was able to replicate the issue and have reported it to our internal issue tracker.
An update has been released for the mod that fixes this issue.