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PSA: Discord Links (Updated: 31 March 2024)

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Update: The deadline has been extended to April 30th, 2024. Complete your edits within the next 30 days, or your content may be removed.

Hello everyone,

This is a public service announcement to discourage the use of Discord links in forum topics (or really anywhere on the internet).

Discord links expire 24 hours after they were first accessed. This is a change that Discord made in the last few months.

Where can I share my files now?

For image hosting, we recommend one of the following:
  • Requesting early access to Mod Bakery.
For file hosting, we recommend one of the following:

How can I recover my files?

If you no longer have the original file and if they are still hosted within Discord, then you should be able to resolve this:
  • Copy the Discord CDN link
  • Open a chat with only you in it. You can do this by starting a new group or a private channel in a server.
  • Paste the link and send.
  • Discord will respond with something that looks like an embed. Click it and it should open in your browser.
  • Upload to the service of your choice

Donut Team is investigating if there is any automated way to handle this. If we're able to accomplish this, we'll let you know. Until then, we encourage users to manually deal with their posts.

How do I know if I'm affected?

If your posts are affected, you should start receiving this banner at the top of your forum homepage:

Links will be from Discord CDN, which you can find by looking for "discordapp" in your post. They will be links such as cdn(dot)discordapp(dot)com or media(dot)discordapp(dot)net.

If more CDN links are found, we will report them here and update the post.

What happens if I'm unable or unwilling to update these links?

On April 30th, 2024, we will begin removing content that links to Discord's CDN. The original post will still remain, though we will add additional context indicating that the links included are no longer accessible

I'm currently banned, but my content is still accessible. How can I resolve this?

If you're currently banned and want your already accessible content to be resolvable, please contact me at

How can I access Mod Bakery?

If you'd like to request early access to Mod Bakery, please email

Further reading

For more information on this change, please see the following articles:
I got a question. Why did Discord make this change to the links?
@AlfredoAndFriends I updated the post to include 4 articles explaining why this change was made.
This post has been removed.
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Update for visibility: Additionally, forum posts using Discord for distribution will be removed in the near future.