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Retexturing Vehicles Well

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I have a question regarding retexturing the vehicles In the game. How is everyone retexturing their vehicles for their mods so well? For example Carl’s Canyonero, Apu’s Firebird, or many others that I’ve seen. I’m aware of opening the textures either in paint, 3dpaint or others. Maybe I’m just missing something or everyone is substantially better at this with their own shading.

Also, are there any good tutorials on 3d modeling that I could use to create models to attach to cars? Like adding antennas to vehicles or adding horns to the front of a vehicle.
Hello there!

Apologies if this comes across an ignorant question, but what areas do you personally feel these custom cars you listed are excelling at? Is it just shading? Which version of Apu's Firebird or Canyonero are you referring to specifically? I ask since I think there's been a couple of recreations of the former.

Most paint programs that are out there usually have a pretty easy way of allowing you to recolor car textures. The most popular completely free ones I can think of that produce really good results are Paint.NET and GIMP (though I should note Paint.NET is Windows only). Paint.NET is what I personally use.

In the case of Paint.NET, you can use the 'Hue/Saturation' Tool and get some pretty clean results (as shown below):

There are also some community plugins in Paint.NET's case that can net you some prettier results, such as Color Match. Both however have gotten me some pretty good results to allow me to quickly recolor a car without having to manually re-do the entire texture.

Hit & Run's game engine also supports textures that are powers of 2, so you can also choose to upscale the textures and insert them in-game without issue. This allows for something that's technically higher quality than the base game's texture work. Maz's Green Family Sedan provides a better visual example if you wanna take a look at that in P3D Editor.

As for 3D modelling, I do know that the preferred program of choice for 3D Modelling is usually Blender. I'd take a look into setting that up, as well as just looking around for video tutorials and documentation.

I hope this helps!
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