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Rare error screen I got by going out of bounds in the PS Mag UK demo disc

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I know this isn't anything too spectacular.
but I'm curious if anyone knows if this error message can be triggered in any ways in the final release? It's in a similar style to the controller disconnected error message.

I didn't get to explore too far though it was kinda interesting seeing that the pet cemetery and bridge leading to powerplant were untextured

Some cheat codes act a little diffrent in this version as well, such as invincibility causing the car to be in a constant flaming state or a code that adds 100 coins that I don't believe is in the final ps2 version
Definitely a cool find, regardless! I assume you used the in-game built-in cheats in order to go out of bounds. What were the exact steps you took, exactly? Where did you go out of bounds?

I grew up with the NTSC-U PlayStation 2 release of the game, but I was a good little boy person guy and never bothered trying to unplug the controller or anything, so I actually wouldn't have even know what the 'Controller Disconnected' message looked like in the console releases. That's an interesting tidbit.

As far as I'm aware, this message was removed from the final game. Based on a quick glance at the English text bible in the PC release, no text string simply reading 'FILE NOT FOUND' is in the game. Pretty much all the console exclusive text strings were left in the PC release, so it seems odd if that was the only one they ended up removing for the sake of the PC port. It's probably just an earlier build error that was taken out later. Public game demos are usually compiled a bit earlier before the game itself is fully finished, so they can reflect different points of development.

I guess the only question left is if the July 10th prototype had this message or not. I haven't extensively poked around in that build either.
As far as I'm aware, both demo builds of the game represent later forks of the finished builds for their respective platforms.

I recently ran into this exact "FILE NOT FOUND" message on the GameCube version in the Dolphin emulator, whilst trying to mod the game via recompiling the disc image with different files through GCRebuilder. The thing I was making had a custom-named CON file for an AI vehicle, however by mistake I was rebuilding the disc image (with the tool) using the original game's table-of-contents reference, which omits any fully custom files, and hence the mission threw "FILE NOT FOUND" whilst loading. On Windows the "file not found" error texts are likely within the executable.

I imagine it is in all console releases and on Windows it was swapped out for the generic Windows error message (from what I recall, on the Windows demo, you can trigger a generic Windows "file not found" message by going to the very top bit of the back garden of Mr. Burns' mansion's back garden, as the ambience audio file for the interior (which has a wide enough trigger to start there) is missing in tha version).

There would be a way to test without modding. As far as I'm aware, all versions of the game have an out-of-bounds sound effect trigger at where the door into the front of Mr. Burns' mansion should be in Level 7, though obviously it isn't there. The SPT sound resource linked to this trigger is broken and provides incorrect filepaths for the random sound effects it wants to play - on Windows entering this trigger will throw a "file not found" error. It is possible that doing the same on console yields the "FILE NOT FOUND" screen. It's hard to do without Windows Lucas hacks like Debug Text though because the trigger is invisible, not that large, and there's no visual guide for anything.
Hey Kenny Giles

What I did was go beside Chief Wiggums house in the Family Sedan (Glass truck also worked) reverse while using the honk to jump cheat and as soon as the car touched the ground honk to jump again and you can semi consistently get out of bounds that way to explore a less textured pet cemetery, though approach the bridge and you'll likely crash the game. I got out of bounds once beside the School with the same method and alot of difficulty which ultimately wasn't worth it because the game immediately crashed.

If you find anything in the July prototype let me know ^_^
Hey Addy. That's interesting. I wonder if there would be more discoverys to be found on the demo disc if there was a way to disable the error message. Though I imagine the game would still crash regardless probably