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Please add modding support for Emulators.

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Dear Donutteam,

I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for the incredible work your team has done in providing modding support for the PC version of "Simpsons Hit and Run." The creativity and dedication of the modding community have truly breathed new life into this beloved game.

However, I would like to bring to your attention an issue that has been affecting a significant portion of the "Simpsons Hit and Run" community. Many players, myself included, have fond memories of playing the game on consoles such as the GameCube and PS2. Unfortunately, the lack of modding tools and support for these versions has left us unable to fully enjoy the potential for customization and enhancement that the PC modding community has to offer.

As someone who has dumped their copy of the GameCube version, I understand the challenges involved in extending modding support to different platforms. Nevertheless, I believe that by expanding your modding tools to include the GameCube and PS2 versions, you would not only be catering to a wider audience but also preserving the legacy of this iconic game across different platforms.

I recognize that this may be a significant undertaking, but I assure you that there is a passionate community of players eager to contribute and collaborate in any way possible to make this a reality. Whether it be through beta testing, providing technical assistance, or even crowdfunding efforts, we are committed to supporting your team every step of the way.

In conclusion, I kindly request that you consider expanding your modding support to include the GameCube and PS2 versions of "Simpsons Hit and Run." Your efforts would not only be greatly appreciated by the community but also contribute to the longevity and continued enjoyment of this timeless classic.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request. I eagerly await your response and look forward to the possibility of seeing modding support extended to these beloved console versions.
Dear HowlingWerewoof,

Thank you for your heartfelt message and for sharing your enthusiasm for The Simpsons Hit and Run. We genuinely appreciate your recognition of the efforts made by our modding community to keep the game alive and engaging on PC.

We understand and share your nostalgia for the console versions of the game, and we recognize the value in preserving the legacy of such a beloved title across all platforms. However, after careful consideration and technical evaluation, we must inform you that expanding our modding tools to the GameCube, PS2 and Xbox versions is not feasible at this time.

The technical challenges involved in modding for these older console platforms are significantly different and more complex compared to PC. These challenges include, but are not limited to, the closed nature of the console architectures, the difficulty in developing tools that could operate within these constraints, and the legal implications of distributing such tools.

Moreover, the majority of gamers interested in modding The Simpsons Hit and Run now have access to modern PCs capable of running the game without emulation. This not only provides a more unified and robust platform for modding but also allows for enhancements and features that are not possible on the original hardware. Any modern Windows or Linux machine should be able to run the game at full resolution at a reasonable framerate.

We also must consider the resource allocation, time management, and technical skill required for such an undertaking, which could detract from other projects and improvements we are currently developing for the community. While we deeply understand the sentiment behind your request, we encourage players who wish to experience The Simpsons Hit and Run with the latest mods and enhancements to explore the PC version of the game. Our focus remains on supporting and expanding the game where we can make the most significant impact, which, at this time, is on the PC platform.

Thank you again for your passion and support. Please do not hesitate to reach out for any further inquiries or suggestions you might have.


Donut Team