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How to export models from GTA V and add to SHAR

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Hello, I want to export one car from GTA V to Blender, and then add it to the game. I just want to know how to export a model and convert it to OBJ and FBX. I'll be grateful if anyone knows
Hi there, as it was pointed out in a reply in your previous post, you should probably ask for GTA-related tutorials on one of the forums dedicated to modding the game(s).

To answer half of your question;
To convert from a format to another, you simply open the file in Blender & then go to File -> Export -> desired format.
For example, for FBX it would be File -> Export -> FBX (.fbx).
That is, I first need to drag the downloaded car from into Blender, and then go to File->Export->FBX(.fbx)., and then add this car to SHAR
I looked at YouTube tutorials on how to extract models from the game itself and convert them to FBX, but how to add the model itself to SHAR