All maps put together

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Since you can create custom maps, would it ever be possible to have all the levels in one? Just like in Gta.
It is possible for us to do, but would take time and effort to convert and connect them.
That would be a really cool thing to see in the future
I was thinking about doing that when the tool gets realsse
A few friends of mine were thinking of trying to do this with the current tools we have since the maps fit perfectly, but they haven't tried yet.
Off-Topic: Jake, pat yourself on the back dude! This is the fastest you've replied to threads so much!
I was going to do a little more then just put all 3 maps together though
For thw night pne there can be a time change
@Silent There is a 0% chance this is achievable with the current tool set available. It's not even possible entirely with the current version of the map builder. It will be but not yet.
@Loren Goodwin So is it impossible?
Currently yes but it'll be possible eventually. It'll also require tweaking the maps to have new roads and stuff to interconnect them.

Though I see some issues with actually doing it such as the fact that all 3 levels use a different sky and different style of roads. They're also all lit differently than one another (some are similar enough this might not matter).