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The NPCs are dumb as hell

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NPCs. We all know what their purpose is... usually to make a game feel alive. In this game however, everyone except the player and plot relevant NPCs are really, REALLY stupid.

What exactly makes them stupid? Well just sit down, play the game for a few minutes, and it all connects.

This very strange species of demon called "Non-Player Character" is ridiculously low on IQ in traffic, safety in general, and self-defense.
Which is also weird because they are invincible to all force and can spawn police cars in a second, possibly making them multiverse tier on VS Battles.

But I'm getting ahead of myself, first let's analyze these morons' brains.

Nothing. Nothing but a 3D rig...
Yeah they're really stupid...

and that's about it.

I find that to be part of the charm. SHAR is pretty much a family friendly Grand Theft Auto game, and look at the NPCs in GTA San Andreas. Dumb as fenceposts. To the point they will be on the sidewalk, and jump in front of your car.
@Trainman84 It's kinda funny considering that the NPCs of Hit and Run are like their own species, as stated before I think