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Everything you wanted in a Simpsons game right in your face! The Simpsons H&R - Arkeus Edition

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I'm going to say that this project is not a mod, but a new Simpsons game inspired by Hit & Run, with Multiplayer and Roleplay. YES, roleplay, who here doesn't want to be a cop in Springfield? A doctor? Or anything that could be in Sprinfield???

There are infinite possibilities.

And the game will only be available to those who are here, because I love you all <3

In this new project you will find everything you always wanted. And no, I'm not going to make you wait the rest of your life for a download, or never make a download available like some people do... (Other fan games or remaster mods)

There will be playable demo versions, and I will always update you here, so don't forget to always access the Forum!

Download: Not very soon

This is a fan-made non-profit game.
News next week! Stay tuned, I'd appreciate it if you leave suggestions here in the thread.
I am confused what the purpose of posting about a project like this is when you have literally nothing to show for it.
Obviously I have things to show, calm down, I said "news next week"
In fact, I don't want to give away too many spoilers...
You could've posted this next week then when you have something to show?

As you alluded to in your own post, we've had so many remake/remaster/etc projects that just nothing comes of that posting another one with bold claims and nothing to show for it is tiring.
Is one of the Roleplay Roles being an employee at Krusty Burger? I may as well work the Springfield equivalent of my real job.
Guys, I agree with you, I'm also tired of people who don't keep their promises, but this was a way of showing that I'm going to do what I'm saying, which in this case is posting news on the date I promised, and also because I'm really excited to talk about this project, I've been planning every little thing about it for a long time. I'm sorry if my English isn't good and I'm sorry if I disappointed anyone, but I'm really looking forward to this and I was hoping there would be more support for the project as I promised to do something that others don't do. Thank you anyway.
Yes, you can work as an employee at Krusty Burger, in fact it's one of my favorite jobs, great choice friend! I'm going to come here to the forum every day to talk to you all and read every suggestion.
Do you have anything in game right now? If not, this topic is useless.