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RCF explorer needs an import\export function

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Hello,i am dan and i wish to edit game music,but to do it i must extract the files from rcf explorer.I import .waw files in .rsd files with rsd converter,then i click "save",but in the game the music is the same of ever.
If you want a suggestion,you will have to add to rcf explorer a import\export function,because extracting the files don't changes nothing in the game.

P.S i noticed that in the extracted files the music is edited,but in the rcf files the music is the same...the changes are applied only to the extracted files.

Please fix this issue.

Bye bye,
[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)

You don't need to edit an rcf file to change the music. All you have to do is create a directory in your CustomFiles folder identical to the directory where the rcf file would be in SHAR. Then, check inside the rcf file to see what directory the file you want to modify is in, and create that directory where the rcf file would be. Then put the modified files into that directory. The .rcf format is, I believe, made only to compress the files inside and isn't necessary for making things work.