SHAR's Russian Translation

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[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)
Hello there, my name is Gordon, and you may know, that I'm russian. So, my SHaR is also at russian(Only text, no dialogues) And translators are completely used Google tranlsator or something, I made this Thread just to do something close to laugh. Here the list of incorrectly translated cars
Original Translated
Duff Truck - Stolen Truck
Honor Roller - Sweet Roller
Station Wagon A - Rail wagon A
Skinner and Moe's sedans - Sedan
Pizza van - Piza van
Donut truck - Money truck
Clown car - Clown the car
Nuclear waste truck - Truck maded from Nuclear waste(Just what?)
"Vote Quimby!" Truck - "Qumby's voice" Truck
Chase sedan - Chase the sedan
Hoverbike - D
That's not all, Missions name's is also incorrect
Original Translated
Petty thieft Homer - Homer's small thieft
Vox Nerduli - Eye of Nerduli
Monkey See, Monkey Do'h - Monkey See, Monkey Do
Cell-Outs - Escape
Getting down with the clown - Falling with clown
Duff for me, Duff for you - Stolen for me, stolen for you(Duff is tranlsated to stolen...)
Pocket protector - Bag the protector
Alien "Auto"topsy - Alien's car
Hope you liked it, goodbye.
Donut Truck is proper at least in my mod
[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)
Nuclear waste truck - Truck maded from Nuclear waste

Lmao seems legit
Hoverbike - D (LOL. What?)

How did "Donut Truck" become "Money Truck"? Lol... fail.

It's things like this that make me question: Why translate into Russian if it's going to be THIS bad? Lol...

Advice: If your translations are this bad... just leave the game in English.
[deleted user]
7 yrs ago (Statistics)
I'm installed "Russian" version just for fun, also, Mission description is incorrect, I'll try somehow to update post, adding a L1 Incorrect mission description.
I should mention that the Russian version you're talking about isn't an official translation.