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just some suggestions...

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Hey donutteam, i'd just like to give some suggestions about some mods you guys have and some mods i'd like to see eventually in the future, maybe through an occasional event. first off, i like what you did with the road rage characters mod adding road rage characters that were not included in shar, but i would like to see some development on that sometime. maybe making the road rage characters playable in every level. Another suggestion is, maybe through an event sometime in the future, you guys should make a road rage car pack with cars such as flanders wagon, the shriners car and the original versions of some cars that changed like marge's canyonero and apu's sports car. also i would like to see the nuclear bus and smithers limo get ported. Smithers limo is different from burns limo. I also think the 4 holiday versions of the road rage cars such as the halloween honor roller and the christmas sports car that apu drives. These are just my suggestions. I hope you guys plan on doing some of these things i mentioned. that would be really cool. those are just my suggestions.
I don't know what to say other than I like your ideas.
Their good.