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Could we have a board for the vanilla, unmodded SH&R?

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As somebody who can't create/make mods, but is interested in the game in general (specifically, the speedrun community), would it be a good idea for the regular game to have its own board where people can talk about the stuff that already exists in-game? It would be cool to discuss things like Dolphin for us non-PC-version-owners, and maybe just talk about stuff like unused elements, or speedrun strats.
have you tried our discord server? its a far more active version of the forum and yes it has a chat dedicated to general discussion of the game, and hey, you may even pick up a few tricks about modding during your stay. Donut Team Discord

Also as far as speedrun strats, that isnt us at all, we may occasionally talk about it but i'm certain this will be quite fitting for you. SHAR topic
Speedrunning discord(although quite inactive recently)