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Even if i known about Donut Mod when it was already at 3.0, i though i could make a big review of Donut Mod cause i mean of it. This post will be updated in the future.

For now, i have a summary diagram of Donut Mod. Let me know if you like it!

1.Donut Mod 1: the big beginning
2.Donut Mod 2: now the going gets tough.
3.Donut Mod 3: level 2 added, many bugs removed
3.1.Donut Mod :the Seaside Update: level 3 is out!
3.2 Donut Mod: the Rebalance Update: it's time for some "rebalancing"!
4. Donut Mod 4: I don't know about their conspiracy....-lol

P.S.:I don't know much about Donut Mod 1 and 2 and i want to play it. Where can I find it?
I'm rather confused as to what this is. Mind explaining in more detail?
It is a first version of a Donut Mod "wiki", but it is now only a diagram. I will update it if I will know something other on Donut Mod.
Wiki? Well, you don't need this. You need to create Wiki here:
Right top corner, button "Create Wiki". This is more useful than one post in a forum. (I can help you with that)

P.s. This is not advertise
I'm going to create it!