Questions on knowledge of collision format and more.

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I. Collision, to clarify what I mean by the title, has the collision format been figured out, and is it possible to import custom collision files for vehicles?
EDIT: Saw a post that would suggest that this can be done.

II. Damage, is there still a limit on the number of damage-loosened parts? (If there is still a limit, is it just 4?) And is there a way to make more parts than shown in stock vehicles change texture on damage, or would, say losing a hubcap, or breaking a window, require the details to be on one of the already existing damage swap sheets?

III. Character replacements, is it possible to export the rigged models of in-game characters to create new models, or do proportions have to be estimated?

If anything covered in here has already been asked and/or answered elsewhere, my apologies.
I. Yes we know about all types of collision the game supports and it is possible to edit the collision of vehicles (my Tower Tooth car is a great example of this).

Here's a relatively quick rundown of how vehicle collision works though you'll probably have other questions:

II. Technically yes though the damaged texture system only affects specific hard-coded texture/shader names on each car, so whatever damaged parts you want would need to be apart of these. There's up to 4 of these specially named chunks in each car. They always contain the vehicles name but otherwise have the same naming scheme.

I used a car from Donut Mod for this example just because I organized them nicely and it's easier to display the ones I'm talking about with it.

III. Yeah, you can import and export Skin chunks to our custom Model XML format using the latest version of the Pure3D Editor.

Do not export them to OBJ as this will throw out all the rigging information in the model.

You can import/export these to/from Blender to make changes by installing our Blender plugins that are available on the same page as the Pure3D editor.

This was kind of a quickly written reply so don't hesitate to ask any more questions which I'm sure you will have.
Alright, thank you for the relatively speedy reply.
I. Does "specific hard-coded texture/shader names on each car" mean hard-coded to the vehicle slot (or whatever terminology in this case), or hard-coded as in it will only affect specifically named parts if it finds the shaders with the proper naming scheme.

II. Does the damage texture simply get applied as an overlay onto the normal textures?