Multiplayer Mod Suggestions

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i' ve just played the new multiplayer mod, and i wish to suggest some things:

-I wonder why the multiplayer stuff is on a separate site when you can create a new section in the mods called Multiplayer Mods in wich should be present the launcher (with flat map and road rage returns batch files included as downloadable content) and the Flat Map mod as a separate download in the same section.

-Then i have noticed that the phone booth image for Jake's Example Car is the AirBoat' s, so please replace it with an image of the EFFECTIVE car.

-And finally i 've seen the black ferrini in the trailer so you should add a button or a subsection in the phone booth that allows you to select AI cars, cause this function can be only unlocked when 100% of the game is completed, and this is not possible in Multiplayer as there 's no way to import save files.

That 's The End.

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