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Hey everyone. I just finished the latest version of Donut Mod 3.2.3 (100% in all 3 levels) on Hellfish difficulty and I have a lot of things to say.

For the most part, I enjoyed the mod. It felt a bit like when I played the game for first time. I also enjoyed most of the new stuff that came with the mod. However I did have some things I definitely did NOT like about the mod and I will go down and analyze what I liked and what I didn't like about each of the mission and challenge, as well as general stuff such as clothes, vehicles, wasps, cards, gags and other things. Before I go into it, let me say that this is constructive criticism and I apologize if I may sound a bit nitpicking, especially in level 3. Anyway let's start:

Level 1

Story Missions

0. Kwik-N-Easy -> Nice, short and easy tutorial mission. I especially liked having to ram the Ice Cream Truck to get the ice cream. Nothing to complain here.

1. Homer Schooled -> Nearly same mission as in original game, except you pick up more items and have to destroy Skinner's Sedan until reaches school instead of racing him. Once again, nothing to complain here.

2. Homer Hooligan -> I failed this mission once, because I crashed into a traffic vehicle and nearly reached Barney's cooler but failed due to needing only one more second. This is a huge problem that goes throughout the mod (we will get more to it later) but basically many of my failures throughout the mod came from needing only somewhere between 1 and 5 more seconds. I think for this objective, instead of 33 seconds, could you make 35 seconds? As I said earlier, each second matters. Other than that, the mission played well, except for first couple of items that have very strict time limit but as long as no vehicle decides to appear in front of you, the mission is fine.

3. Taking out the Trash -> This one wasn't as bad as some other people said on YouTube comments. Time limit may be a bit strict but it wasn't a problem for me. I also liked how this time I race Smithers instead of destroying his car, while after that Homer has to take out the trash.

4. Power Surge -> This is basically missions 4 and 5 from original game combined into one but a bit harder. Once again nothing to complain about, they were fine.

5. Radioactivity -> This is a brand new mission for this level and it was nice to have a different mission instead of just edited ones from original game.

6. Heart of the Bonestorm -> I failed this one 3 times and kinda annoyed me. Strict time limit and having to collect 18 boxes of Bonestorm in just 1:30 is a bit too much. I failed twice because I only managed to get around 15-16 boxes. I recommend either increasing the time to 1:40-1:45 or decreasing the amount of boxes to only 15-16. Then you have to destroy 3 router cars and all in a minute. Just as I managed to collect the boxes, I failed once to destroy the first router car in time and then I had to redo the first objective as well. This is something I kinda disliked about some of missions from the mod, I hate having to replay some objectives over and over until I get the later objective right, so I can complete the mission. Here I suggest either increasing the time to destroy the router cars or slowing them down a bit, because like in many Destroy Cars objectives, you get limited time to destroy fast cars and it's hard to catch them up. This is the only mission from this level I didn't enjoy that much due to too many objectives that are easily failable, thus having to replay everything just feels annoying. Not because I am bad since I'm actually a good player but I hate how some things depend on luck on how the cars you have to destroy crash sometimes, while other times you have bad luck and can't catch up with the car you have to destroy.

7. Crash and Burns -> Once again I liked how it was the opposite of the original game. Instead of racing, now you have to destroy Smithers' car, while avoiding those nuclear buses.

Bonus mission

I failed the mission once because at part where I was supposed to collect tomatoes in the field, I went out of car, thinking that if I hit those plants, my Hit & Run meter increases as was the case in original game and wanted to keep it low but didn't realize that the Hit & Run meter is frozen during this objective. Plus the fact that I was told to get back to car but when I saw only 6 seconds remaining, I tried to rush but even then couldn't collect the last 2 items in time. But at least that was my fault, so I retried the mission and everything went fine after that. No complaints about the time limits here.


1. Derby Challenge -> I failed this mission once just because of needing 2-3 more seconds to destroy the Duff Truck. I suggest to increase the time here from 36 seconds to 40-45 because I seriously think that in first 2 levels, you don't get enough time to destroy the very first vehicle, while in case of level 3 it's the opposite but we will eventually get to that. I know it's a bit of Trial and Error and until you keep trying, you become better but pretty much all of my fails in these kind of challenges are because of the very strict time limits. And yes I played using the default vehicle, I could have done faster using a faster and/or tougher vehicle but I preferred to stick to the default one. Other than that, I found this challenge to be fine, at least compared to the Derby challenges from levels 2 and 3.

2. Race Challenge -> It was fine I guess.

3. Rocket Challenge -> I actually liked this challenge.

Level 2

Story Missions

1. Rated "T" for Trucks -> I failed this mission once, because I failed to destroy the Bonestorm truck in time. Mostly because it was fast and hard to catch up. Other than that, time limit didn't seem too bad.

2. Tireworks -> I liked this mission. I especially liked the part with collecting the fireworks and having to survive the cops until they give up.

3. Java Jolt -> I liked having to destroy the nerd car instead of racing it, as well as the part that leads to Professor Frink.

4. Cops, Bumblebees and Robbers -> I failed this mission 3 times, two times because it was hard to catch up with the Bumblebee Man and once with destroying Snake's car. I actually managed to destroy Snake's car right in final couple of seconds but just as he was about to drop the item, time expired. That kinda annoyed me but at least I laughed when Bart's fail quotes made sense "I was THIS close!" and "Come on man, just a few more seconds!" in missions 1,4 and 7 (we will get to this one shortly). I suggest slowing their cars a bit, especially Bumblebee Man's car. I also don't understand why isn't the Hit & Run meter disabled in this mission, considering I'm helping Wiggum and he is the one who is driving.

5. Beef Thief -> It was fine. I didn't mind the time limits here.

6. Dr D'oh Little -> I liked this one. Although it took me a while to destroy the animal control van, the time limits in general are good.

7. Stress Signal -> Just like with 4th mission, I failed it 3 times. I suggest adjusting the time limits a bit, mostly the time limit needed to reach Moe's and Try-N-Save. I failed once just because I couldn't reach Moe's and I failed twice just because I got busted and/or crashed into a vehicle and needed 1-2 more seconds to reach Try-N-Save. Other than that, I also recommend giving a bit more time to destroy the Black Router Car because the time limit is a bit too low and I barely managed to destroy the car in time, otherwise I would have to replay the whole mission over again. Just like with 4th's mission, I laughed at Bart's failure quotes because they made sense.

Bonus mission

I liked this bonus mission, although I failed it once due to my stupidity when I was told to go to Hospital but instead I went the other way, until I noticed it said hospital and I tried to go back but still failed due to needing about 3 more seconds. I still think the timer to go to hospital should be increased slightly more.


1. Derby Challenge -> I failed it 3 times, two times because I failed to destroy the first car (Homer's car) in time, while the other fail came from running out of time to destroy Otto's School Bus. I suggest giving a bit more time to destroy the School Bus, I managed to do it by hiding behind a tree and make the School Bus hit the tree and destroy itself. Otherwise it's too hard to destroy it.

2. Race Challenge -> It was fine, though Police Car may be a bit too fast. I barely finished it slightly ahead of the Police Car.

3. Paper Challenge -> It was fine but I didn't like that it crashed my game 2 times after starting it. It was probably because I haven't done Milhouse's Derby challenge before Ralph, because after I did both Milhouse and Nelson's challenges, I could start the Ralph challenge just fine.

Level 3

Story Missions

1. Comic Relief -> I failed twice to reach the shop because of the low time limit of 35 seconds. I highly suggest to raise the time to 40 seconds because once again, any second matters. Failing just because of needing 2-3 more seconds is very annoying and this is a very huge problem in this level, which felt way harder than first 2 levels. Other than that, the rest of mission was alright.

2. Blues Clues -> I failed 3 times, two times because of failing to reach the Springfield sign in time thanks to crashing into vehicles, then the other time I failed to follow Milhouse, he decided to take the long path at the gas station, I took the stairs shortcut but I didn't realize I can't stay even few meters away from him. I suggest to increase the time a bit to reach the Springfield sign and maybe the follow distance of Milhouse as well.

3. The Burger King -> I liked this mission. No complaints about the timers here.

4. Off the Rocker -> I found this mission to be annoying thanks to the strict timers. I failed 2 times to destroy the first Sedan, once to reach the Observatory and 1-2 times to collect the last one item. I recommend looking into the timers and adding like 2-3 seconds to time required to reach the Observatory and to collect the items.

5. Lil' B****** -> This mission was surprisingly easy compared to the previous one. I didn't have any problems with it.

6. Co-Cop -> Very annoying mission thanks to the very strict timers. I failed 2 times to collect the last 1-2 items and at least 3 times the final part with collecting the pills and destroying the last Sedan, which was fast and hard to hit in both cases. It took me a while to realize that the timer carries from the collecting part to the destroying part. So I came two times with about 30 seconds left to destroy it, yet I failed. And another time with only 10 seconds remaining and there was no way to destroy it in that time. The part where I succeed I managed to have 40 seconds left to destroy, so it was enough. I HIGHLY recommend to look for the timers in this mission since the times were incredibly low and this mission was very frustrating. I didn't enjoy this one at all. Just like with 4th mission from Level 2, I don't understand why isn't the Hit & Run meter disabled in this mission either. Maybe because I'm playing on Hellfish but I hate how I got busted at least 5 times in this mission and it was one of causes why I failed this mission at least a couple of times. Not a big loss in terms of coins, considering I've still had about 3000 coins when I finished the mod.

7. There She Drove -> I found this mission to be much easier and it was rather fun. I like the usage of a random NPC that gives you tasks to complete in this mission, rather than using a known Simpsons character. I found the time given to complete the tasks to be fair this time around.

Bonus mission

It was fine I guess. Timer was a bit strict but at least I didn't fail.


1. Derby Challenge -> I disliked this one to be honest. Although the timers for first 5 cars were alright, I found the Crazy Redneck to be stupidly hard to destroy and you are given such a stupid low time limit of 1:10 that it's simply not enough. I failed at least 5 times alone just for the stupid redneck that I couldn't destroy (also once for failing to destroy Moe in time), so I have to destroy the first 5 cars over and over again, until I get another try for last one, until I finally managed to destroy him by trapping him in front of casino and making him hit himself, because it's impossible to destroy with your car in such time limit. And it's also difficult to even trick him into hitting himself. I find this luck based and it was simply not fun at all. I highly recommend increasing the timer to at least 1:30, considering the fact that you get much more time to destroy the previous vehicles.

2. Race Challenge -> I failed once because Marge beat me but on second try I barely beat her. This is kinda the same case as the original game.

3. Survival Challenge -> The premise behind this challenge is great but it's poorly executed. You are required to survive for 2 minutes against 5 drivers in varying vehicles. OK so at first it didn't seem too bad, as you can easily avoid some of the drivers. But I came into the conclusion that this challenge is incredibly frustrating, thanks to Moe's vehicle being overpowered. His car is incredibly fast and he smashes your car into the wall that it immediately begins smoking, so that next time you get hit, it's over. So how does he get so much speed? His car wasn't that fast in the original game. And the Nerd car suffers nearly from same thing, with sometimes being launched at high speeds right into your face. Most of the times I failed this challenge was because of that moron Moe. He ruined everything. I rarely got hit by the slow Firetruck that sometimes got stuck or the School Bus or Marge's Canyonero but the other 2 cars (especially Moe's) had to ruin everything. I also came one time very close to victory but just as I take the corner, I hit and my car explodes with 2 seconds remaining on clock. I was so frustrated and that was on my 4th or 5th try. In total, this challenge took me 11 tries. It was just not fun at all for me, 2 minutes is too much to survive. Yes, I understand it's a challenge but it wasn't that fun for me at all. I always came close to the last minute or last 30 seconds and always failed there and sometimes my car wasn't even smoking but just as once got hit, the challenge is over as during recovering time, another car hits you and it's over. Time to start from beginning and hope you don't get hit again.


I liked the new interface that comes with the mod but I honestly prefer the one from the original game.

I liked the location of new cards, wasps and the newly introduced gags. Although the final 2-3 wasps I destroyed were rather well hidden and this is a problem that occurs in all 3 levels. It's always the last 2-3 wasps that are very hard to find and take me at least 25-30 minutes to find them to go through the whole map a couple of times and check every corner. But now at least I know where are all 40 wasps in each level and will know from now on when I will replay the mod. Though I will suggest changing the location of the original wasps as well and have 40 wasps in all new locations instead of 20 old and 20 new.

Interestingly, there is a secret gag in level 2 (it's located close to where mission Java Jolt starts) but it screws up the stats because you will have 12/11 Gags found (and level percentage can now be around 101%) and while I understand it's intentional, I still think it's out of place and I recommend making it optional or actually being required for the total amount of gags. Also I must admit I don't like memes at all, so this gag felt very out of place. I would prefer the gag to be replaced in next version with an actual clip from The Simpsons or something like that which is more fitting.

New clothes are alright but they are mostly just recolors of existing ones. While it's nice to see Homer in his pink shirt, Bart is his blue shirt or Lisa with a random colored dress (or any of the purchasable clothes), I would still prefer to have brand new clothes that were never seen before. Thankfully the next version of Donut mod will have brand new clothes, which I really like from what I saw in the status updates.

New vehicles are interesting.

In first level, I liked the Audi TT, which was an unfinished vehicle from original game. Flanders' car is decent but the style doesn't match the rest of vehicles. Although I liked the Krabby Patty bonus vehicle, it fits rather well in The Simpsons Hit & Run. Shame that it has been removed from future versions but I think it's better that way because I'd rather see Simpsons vehicles. I also like the feature of buying the previously available bonus vehicles, though sadly the Monorail has been left out in Level 2 but I understand this is due to its poor stats, so it makes it worthless to purchase.

Speaking of second level, I found the Catapult car to be really funny and it fits well but mostly because it uses the existing Catapult model from the available gag. I think it would work better as a bonus vehicle. Also I didn't really like Shriner's Cart, which is (along with Flanders' car) from Road Rage and doesn't really fit in this game due to the different style that doesn't match the rest of vehicles. I would rather prefer to have the WWII Jeep than this tiny cart. I also didn't like the bonus vehicle, it felt very out of place. Maybe because I'm not a fan of Halo series, as this is where it came from. And the bonus vehicle's location isn't very good either because as soon as it spawns, it breaks one of the Buzz Cola boxes, this explains how I suddenly got 30 coins just as I took a ramp to take the shortcut towards Moe's place. I'm glad this happened while I was inside the vehicle as you get all coins immediately but if it happened on foot, there would be no way to reach that place fast enough until they disappear, not that it's a huge loss since I had a lot of coins that I didn't spend but we will get to that later. I'm also glad the vehicle is gone from future versions of the mod.

In the third level, there is the Wasp Bike, which is funny but I'd rather have it as a bonus vehicle (not sure which level but for now it can work for level 3), than as a reward for completing the challenges. Also just like with level 2, I didn't like the bonus vehicle and it's out of place, considering it's from Half Life 2 and has no place in Simpsons universe. Just like with the one from level 2, I'm glad to see it gone.

I also liked the feature where there are different traffic vehicles each time you load the game. I suggest to also add the Nuclear Waste Truck (from level 4) to appear sometimes on road in Level 1, unless it's already spawning and I haven't noticed it yet.

As said above, more than half of missions and challenges were nice but others were a bit too tedious, especially with their low timers.

In case someone is wondering, I played all challenges and story missions with the default vehicle from the level, aside from those missions that give you forced vehicle of course. Which is one of reasons why some of the challenges felt harder than they actually were. I understand some of the challenges and missions can be completed with any vehicle you want but I prefer to just use the default vehicle, to get the intended challenge. In those derby challenges, a tougher and faster vehicle would have worked much better I imagine, such as the Catapult.

I finished level 3 with 3070 coins remaining. Despite the fact that I got busted 3 times in level 2 and at least 10 times in level 3 (and quite a few lost coins from destroyed car in that survival challenge), I still had a lot of coins remaining that I didn't have to spend them on anything. I suggest increasing the price of some clothes and vehicles, I think even in original game you don't get so many coins in first 3 levels but this is because in mod you have to destroy 40 wasps instead of 20, so this kind of evens out with the more vehicles you have to buy.


Despite the complaints, aside from those missions which I failed too many times and those things I've said above, I enjoyed the rest of content from the mod. Here are my ratings for each level based on how much I enjoyed:

Level 1: 9/10
Level 2: 8/10
Level 3: 6/10
Overall: 7.66/10

I'm positive that Level 4 will be much better, especially with the brand new map. I'm looking forward for The Conspiracy Update and I hope you guys will consider some of my suggestions for next version to improve the first 3 levels, especially some of the timers for missions that I thought they were a bit unfair, mostly for level 3 and to some extent to level 2.
Hey, [redacted]! Sorry for the late reply! Just got around to reading this a bit before I went to go to work. Now I have some time to respond to this. Let me just say you didn't come across as nitpicky at all. All of your concerns are valid if you believe the difficulty spike is too much even for a "harder than the original game" difficulty. You were also very polite in tone.

First off, I really want to thank you for going ahead and doing a more in-depth retrospective on the mod. These sort of reviews don't seem to be that common and you analyzed each mission pretty decently. I actually also really appreciate the critique regarding the bonuses littered within each level, such as the Wasp Cameras and Bonus Cars. This is another thing that seems touched on less than the mission content. For the record, I usually prefer to SHAR going through every available mission and then going back for the additional content later, so it's refreshing to see another perspective from somebody who hunted out everything. The large amount of coins you have will eventually go to good use, I can tell you that much. In addition to the new clothes you had mention which we had previewed, we're also adding a couple of forced purchases. We think that'll help a bit, but the prices are something we'll take into consideration.

Another congrats for being the only person I think I've met that actually found the secret Adult Swim gag we set up. I should actually add that every level has one. We just don't count it because we consider it more of an insider's joke (which is why they're so demanding to find). The "Gabe Newell" text I believe is already removed at this point in development, but we're unsure of what to do with the gag. I assume the rest of the team would prefer to keep it since we intentionally keep it away from the totals, but anything is up to change I guess.

Regarding the missions, I should clarify that the work load was separated a bit. Loren developed Level 1's missions independently, Level 2 was a divided effort between Loren/Chris/me, and Level 3's missions were developed entirely by me. Because of this, I'll be focusing mostly on what you stated about Level 3's missions:

L3M1 - Comic Relief: Glad you enjoyed this one! Comic Relief was one of the first missions I had made after a drought of ideas. I still really personally enjoy the setup and glad you liked this one. I'll consider raising the timer at the "fake" drive to the Comic Book Shop stage since it might be a bit too punishing for what essentially doesn't yield any positive reward, or re-position the Nerd Car entirely to a different place that's earlier along the path back.

L3M2 - Clues Blues: It seems you had more issues with the Springfield Sign timer more than any other which I find rather surprising, since our team member Jake had more issues with the stage after it. Regardless, I can potentially decrease the traffic for this stage and slowly add to it as a solution, as it seems you struggled more with the traffic there then the task presented. It might potentially add more variation to the two "goto" stages. The idea of Milhouse's follow meter being so low was intentional design for Hellfish Mode. My idea is that you had to stay close to him so he doesn't get "upset" and think Lisa is trying to abandon him. In Normal Mode, the stage message index is worded differently and you can safely take the stairs shortcut with no issues. I should clarify here that Normal Mode attempts to emulate the game's original difficulty to the best of our ability.

L3M3 - The Burger King: Nothing more to comment on, but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

L3M4 - Off the Rocker: I honestly felt the difficulty came more from the handling of Grampa's Jeep. The timer suggestions you noted are pretty minimal, so I could probably do it and still keep it decently challenging. I'd kind of like to make the 1st Black Sedan fight a little "cleaner", but I can't think of a solution that satisfies me.

L3M5 - 'Lil B******: This mission was actually originally a lot harder, but I nerfed it pretty heavily. Snake now uses the "target" AI behavior, so he purposefully slows down if the player falls too far behind. Originally, people found it way too hard to keep up with Snake. And sure enough, during my testing, I found it pretty tricky to consistently get this mission down.I nerfed it, but in a way that I think is a bit boring now (George/Gibstack seems to agree with me here). I'll probably try to strike a happy medium in the next release with a larger distance meter and use Snake's vanilla AI with some slight speed nerfs, and yank the "target" behavior in favor of "evade".

L3M6 - Co-Cop: This was actually one of my favorite missions personally in terms of concept. I'm honestly not quite sure what happened with the Hit & Run Meter not being disabled? I'll go back over the mission script. It's quite possible I simply missed a stage where it's supposed to be disabled, but that's certainly not a Hellfish exclusive feature. Would this mission perhaps work better if the time to destroy the sedan was added after the medication is knocked out?

L3M7 - There She Drove!: Really glad you liked this one! I felt the objective variation was just right and didn't stretch on for too long.

Bonus Challenges:

L3SR1 - Seaside Derby: I honestly can't remember if I buffed the cars in the last update. The huge issue is that I originally designed the mission with Lisa's Electaurus in mind. While I understand you intentionally stuck with it to get the intended challenge (as I did when designing these missions), there was a huge issue where the mission was a pretty huge pushover with literally any other car. It was a bit tricky finding a balance and I'm pretty sure I buffed it at some point as a result. You might just need to use another car altogether, but I suppose that creates an issue where it's difficult to recommend to the player a good car for the mission. I suppose I could force the Electaurus in this scenario however? It'd allow me to design the mission with one car in mind.

L3SR3 - Survival of the Smartest: I'm really sorry you didn't like it. I'll consider nerfing the cars if anybody else has similar concerns over the challenge. This one I don't recall having many issues with, but perhaps I need to take another look. The strategy I took is to circle the area you're in. The wrench respawns every once in a while and if you keep driving in circles while keeping a sharp eye out for cars about to ram you.

Overall, I'm glad that for the most part you were able to get some enjoyment out of a couple of them, but it's a bit of a shame a couple slightly felt a bit too much. Thankfully, from what I'm gathering, you didn't mind the concept of each mission. What I mean is that each objective didn't feel needless as far as I can tell, so it's really just a matter of fine-tuning the experience. While I might sound negative here, I really do appreciate the feedback as something this in-depth is always an interesting insight on another player's perspective! We hope you enjoy Donut Mod 4 when it ends up coming around!
Thank you very much for response, Kenny! I thought I will get a bit hated for all the criticism on level 3 because I got quite a bit frustrated in this level and after those hard missions, I just wanted to end the level already but I'm glad there were a few missions in between that were good in terms of difficulty.

I usually prefer to do first the collectibles, then the purchases, then the street races (in this case, the challenges), then the bonus mission and finally the story missions. I didn't want to just play through the missions like many Youtubers do. I haven't seen anyone 100%'ing the mod on YouTube, so I decided to try myself to see if I can find all of this myself. I must say I managed to do that and I'm happy with this. As for the purchases, I definitely agree on making some purchases forced as was the case in original SHAR required for some missions but I still buy them all anyway for 100% completion, so even with everything purchased (and some hundreds of lost coins from Busted and a few dozen or so lost from that challenge where I had my vehicle destroyed few times), I still had about 3000 remaining after I finished level 3 100%.

Thanks but I will admit I only found the level 2 secret gag and even then it was only because I saw it on YouTube before found by someone else, so I kept this in mind during my playthrough. I also watched a while back a playthrough of the missions but when I played the mod myself, it still felt fresh for the most part. I'm curious, where are the secret gags for levels 1 and 3? I would like to know, so I can 101% them as well. I also found the secret developers, so far I found them in levels 1 (in the secret Mr Burns mansion area) and 2 (near the stadium). But I don't know where is the developer in level 3.

As for missions:

L3M1 - I understand but I am mostly talking about first time reaching the shop when the mission begins, the shop is located at around Squidport. You get only 35 seconds and I'd suggest raising to 40. There are 2 more stages where you must go back to the Comic Book Shop but here you get 40 and 50 seconds respectively, which is alright but the one where I want more seconds is very first one where you are supposed to reach to that shop to collect the item (or talk to the nerd), before you race the nerds. Then after that, I'd also suggest raising a bit more the second stage, the first of reaching Comic Book Shop (before avoiding the nerd) which gives 40 seconds, I'd recommend 45. The final stage where you must go back again at the Comic Book Shop after you avoid the nerd, is fine with 50 seconds.

L3M2 - Yes, I think it was mostly caused by traffic. I know in this mission, you also have firetrucks that block the shortcuts, which wasn't a problem for me and I actually liked this idea but I did get a bit annoyed by the traffic because sometimes just as I was avoiding a car, I crashed into another one or it just had to spawn right in front of me, thus losing those 3 important seconds that led to my failure. As for Milhouse stage, I completely understand and yeah I remember the mission text saying that he would get upset if I don't stay too close but I found weird how first time I reached this stage, he took the long way and I took the stairs shortcut and because of that, I failed the mission and I didn't realize I can't use the shortcut. But on the next attempt I reached here, he decided to take the stairs shortcut, which surprised me, considering on previous attempt he chose the long way.

L3M4 - Yeah, 30 seconds may be a bit low to destroy the Sedan but considering it's so easy to destroy it, 30 seconds is kind of justifying but it's a bit difficult to get the right timing to run into him or trick him to hit himself. As for the Observatory stage and item collecting stage, maybe still consider adding 2-3 more seconds as they would have helped me doing the mission earlier than having to fail almost each stage because of those few more seconds needed.

L3M5 - Ah, I understand now. I'm glad it was nerfed, otherwise I don't think I would have liked having 3 hard missions in a row. But I wouldn't mind making the mission slightly harder.

L3M6 - It is possible but I know L2M4 has the same problem where you also help Wiggum but the Hit & Run meter is still working, while it should be disabled. I even remember getting a mission failed tip that said that the Hit & Run meter is disabled during the mission but it wasn't. As for the mission itself, it was pretty cool but after failing so many times, I ended up frustrated and just didn't like it at all. And about adding more time at the end, yes I'm for adding more time.

L3SR1 - I only disliked the final part (Hellfish added bonus) where you must destroy the crazy redneck in the blue pickup truck. You are given a low timelimit of 1:10 to destroy it but he is very difficult to destroy, which is why I suggested at least a timelimit of 1:30. The other cars were fine, I didn't have any problems destroying them, though I would recommend nerfing Moe a bit as well.

L3SR3 - I used the same strategy where I circled around this area which I have access to. I only had trouble sometimes with cars and how they were positioned sometimes, it's pretty much luck based right here. And the car that annoyed me the most was Moe's car because he was incredibly fast and could smash me and throw me into a wall easily. And no, I can't collect any wrenches because I can't leave any of the areas. If I try, I get sent back to the arena. There is no way to collect any wrench. I think this is intended but I would recommend nerfing the cars a bit, especially Moe's.

As for the overall mod experience, I can say that's one of my favorite SHAR mods ever made and in terms of objectives, I think everything is well done. The only things that could be changed are some of the time limits as they were a bit too strict, yes I understand in Hellfish it's supposed to be hard but I got frustrated at those missions that took me more than 3 attempts, since it seemed too much luck based on how a traffic vehicle spawns during the missions or during the derby challenges, whether the vehicle I have to destroy is crashing often or it's running around in circles.

For the collectibles, they were fine but I would prefer if there will be more new gags in levels 2 and 3, since in Level 1 I noticed there's a few that were cut from original game but re-enabled in this mod.

That's all. And for mods, are there any recommendations for what mods I should play next? There are quite a few mods that were released over time but none of them were fully finished and so far I played the event mods (Jungle Falls, Luigi's Circuit and Falcon Pack) and the Donut Mod. Are there any mods that are worth playing, despite the fact that are unfinished? I'm not sure what I should play next.