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a old version of donut mod

Posted in Donut Mod
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hey guys i found a old version of donut mod on my old drive of my old computer

the version is 2.0.2


I don't think that DT will like this, nor will anyone else as we have no use for it

Yes it is. An early version of Donut Mod, which Donut Team do not distribute anymore certainly is interesting to dissect and see what changes there are, or at least for a person like me.
but still I don't think DT like this a bit
They probably won't mind, although I wouldn't quote me on that.
I think you should ask Donut Team before distributing their creations which have been removed for a reason
We don't like this version anymore and are not interested in doing an official re-release of it like we did with Project Donut.

That said, I'll allow this since I don't really see the harm in it.