Should I make a Let's Play of the Donut Mod?

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Hello, my name is Thomas,

And I saw that the Donut Mod is being updated soon, and I want to know, could I make an lp of the mod? I have seen other playthroughs of this mod before in earlier builds, and I also want to know if I can monetize the videos. In my normal Hit & Run videos, I can monetize no problem, but since I love this mod and want to see it's completion. I just want to ask first, since the mod is YOUR property. And I don't generally do this with small organizations. My channel ink is:

Thank you,

While we don't normally allow posts that try to promote Let's Plays, this seems to be more of a question as our mods have agreed, so allow me to provide an answer:

You are absolutely free to make any sort of video about Donut Mod! Donut Mod is a completely free fan-made mod of a game we did not develop, so a lot of the assets used in this game (the iconic characters especially) are not our property. We won't stop you at all if you really want to try our mod! Monetizing is okay by us, since we really can't take all of the credit here for this game.

That being said, should you play it RIGHT now? As a developer of this lovely mod (and more specifically the man in charge of every mission in Level 3), eh...Let me just say, I have a funny feeling that something big is on the horizon. You might want to wait a day or two before playing the mod. I think it might be worth the wait...
Thanks, and I was also waiting for the update to start recording, and the release of the videos is not for a while.