Donut Mod 4: Community Billboard Submissions

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Hey there everyone.

As you know, the next version of Donut Mod is going to include a brand new map I've been working on for a while now, the Industrial Zone.

Much like in the original game's maps there is going to be various billboards advertising products or services in Springfield scattered about.

Today, I'd like to give you all the opportunity to contribute something to this project by making one of these billboards.

Here are the guidelines for the billboard images in no particular order:

  • The image should be no smaller than 128x128. Higher resolutions are preferred but don't go crazy (I don't need 4K texture work).
  • The billboard can be oriented landscape or vertical. It can also just be a square if you want to do that.
  • It must make sense in universe. No breaking the forth wall by referencing the player, the game/mod itself, real world products┬╣ or anything of a similar nature.
  • They must demonstrate some level of effort and not just be obviously slapped together with no real cohesion (basically, no eye sores).
  • If your billboard references Buzz Cola, it must use the alternative alien design from the game rather than the original logo from the show.

┬╣ Unless the product is referenced by the show, then it's probably fine. If you're not sure, feel free to ask!

Depending on the number of submissions, I may not be able to incorporate every billboard image even if they meet these guidelines.

Have fun and be creative!

- Loren
Reserving this post to showcase accepted submissions in the future.

For now though, here's a few example billboards from the original game:

Well, here's my submission.
One of mine so far, enjoy the level of detail I couldn't help but go into.

If I were good at making parodies, I would've made something else. I guess I'll settle for this for now.


Here is mine, edit it however yall like
Here's mine. Feel free to edit it.
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Upload the image to imgur and send the link using the formatting guidelines:
Here's another billboard, an old Burns Transit sign from Road Rage.